HP iPAQ 21x - How To Install

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There are three ways of loading the linux kernel on the iPAQ 21x:

The first method is easier, safer, more reliable and definately recommended. However, some MMC/SD cards (eg high capacity) cannot be read by the iPAQ bootloader. Please try the first method first but if it fails you will have to use the second method.

Once the kernel has booted it will try to use the 2nd parition on the MMC/SD Card's as its root filesystem. The following must be done for BOTH booting methods:

Booting from MMC Card

To boot from the MMC Card:

Booting from HaRET

To boot from HaRET.

Booting from HaRET starts linux with all the hardware in whatever unpredictable state winCE left it in. This usually causes problems of various sorts including that the USB Host system will not work at all. Steps 7-10 in the above instructions are included to minimise this so they may not be absolutely necessary.

Booting from flash

This seems to work OK now. The details are on the flash page.