HP iPAQ 210 / 214 - News

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I've possibly got the wifi working but it needs testing. Kernel image for both booting methods is on the download page but you also need to get some firmware. See the wifi page for details.


New release: version 4


CPU Frequency Scaling:

ALSA Audio:



Battery status done properly and compiled in. DC power status added.


Battery status reporting added.


Project page overhaul, new angstrom version uploaded and project now has a [WWW]mailing list.


Someone has apparently got the WiFi working. We'll do some basic testing and it should be avaliable soon!


USB Host now works. Support for at least USB Mass storage device and USB Keyboards is compiled in, other things might work aswell.


New image, see [WWW]http://www.oliford.co.uk/hpipaq214/.


Found a way of booting linux from reset directly from the MMC/SD card. This works reasonably at the moment with a special small bootloader I wrote. Suspend/resume don't yet work when booting this way.

The NAND Flash (internal storage memory) now works but I'm unable to test it without removing windows which I don't want to do yet.

These things arn't in the uploaded image yet, contact me if you want to try either of them out.

Started working on the WiFi.


After weeks of work, suspend/resume support finally works! New kernel image uploaded. Oh, and the green LED.


Finally got the thing to suspend and resume on the battery last night, so power management coming very soon...


Now have the buttons and backlight working. As promised I've thrown together something people can download and try.


Currently I'm using HaRET to boot it as I'm not willing to try anything that goes near flashing it until I understand its flash memory myself. After a few small modifications to HaRET, it booted the kernel. The display was already reasonably well supported by the kernel's pxafb driver but thanks to my housemate Alex Meakins's work it now works almost perfectly.

The next thing we got working was the MMC/SD card reader, which allowed us to get the kernel boot logs back out again, and to try things without a restart each time.

Unfortuantely the iPAQ 214 has no (accessible) serial sort so my main efforts were to get a working terminal into the device over bluetooth. This means the bluetooth was the next thing I got working. I have a userspace utility that bring the bluetooth up at the moment. I'll make it official as soon as I work out how to do that.

Over the past week I've managed to get the AC97 and touchscreen working so it's now actually usable both in Familiar and Angstrom. I figure this is a good point to make it avaliable to others.