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All versions of the various project files are currently stored here: [WWW]http://www.oliford.co.uk/hpipaq214/files

Date File Changes
05-Mar-2010 [WWW]boot-script.txt.uImage Boot script for using USB host - copy this to the FAT16 parition and use the middle button in u-boot.
05-Mar-2010 [WWW]u-boot-ipaq214-20100305.bin U-Boot - copy this to the FAT16 parition as 'BLDIAG.NB0' (probably the same as the last one).
05-Mar-2010 [WWW]uImage-ipaq214-20100305.bin v2.6.33-rc2 kernel (+some touchscreen mods) - copy to FAT16 partition as 'uImage-ipaq214.bin'
05-Mar-2010 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20100305.tar.gz Angstrom Root FS from latest OE. Untar to EXT2 partition - angstrom-additional*.tar.gz NOT REQUIRED.

01-Jul-2009 [WWW]u-boot-ipaq214-20090701-2.bin U-Boot ignoring MMC/SD CSD Structure version

25-Mar-2009 [WWW]u-boot-ipaq214-20090325.bin U-Boot - copy this to the FAT16 parition as 'BLDIAG.NB0'.
22-Mar-2009 [WWW]uImage-ipaq214-20090322.bin Kernel U-Boot image - copy to FAT16 partition as 'uImage-ipaq214.bin'
22-Mar-2009 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20090201.tar.gz Angstrom Root FS. Untar to EXT2 partition - angstrom-additional*.tar.gz IS NOT NEEDED.
22-Mar-2009 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20090201.ubi.img UBI Image for root FS on flash. (See Flash page

04-Dec-2008 [WWW]opie-image-20081204.tar.gz First OPIE Image - Use in place of angstrom-x11-image-xxx.tar.gz - Still requires angstrom-additional..tar.gz
30-Nov-2008 [WWW]mmcboot-ipaq214-20081130.bin Fixed memory bug - should give full 128MB (also no USB)

05-Nov-2008 [WWW]Image-ipaq214-20081108 With possible preliminary wifi support
05-Nov-2008 [WWW]mmcboot-ipaq214-20081108.bin

05-Nov-2008 [WWW]Image-ipaq214-20081105 Latest mainline kernel, CPU Frequency scaling and better sound support.
05-Nov-2008 [WWW]mmcboot-ipaq214-20081105.bin
05-Nov-2008 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20081105.tar.gz Latest OpenEmbedded/Angstrom
05-Nov-2008 [WWW]angstrom-ipaq214-additional-20081105.tar.gz Post-build tweaks.

31-Aug-2008 [WWW]Image-ipaq214-20080831 Proper battery driver compiled in and DC power status reporting.
31-Aug-2008 [WWW]mmcboot-ipaq214-20080831.bin
31-Aug-2008 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20080831.tar.gz No modules again

27-Aug-2008 [WWW]Image-ipaq214-20080827 Battery level status reporting - preliminary
27-Aug-2008 [WWW]mmcboot-ipaq214-20080827.bin
27-Aug-2008 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20080827.tar.gz Includes kernel modules for battery.

21-Aug-2008 [WWW]haret-ipaq214-aug08.exe Latest CVS HaRET forced to recognise PXA3xx and with useful debugging stuff.

17-Aug-2008 [WWW]mmcboot-ipaq214-20080817.bin
17-Aug-2008 [WWW]Image-ipaq214-20080817 Return processor to full speed after resume (takes a while though). MMC Voltgage control.
17-Aug-2008 [WWW]angstrom-ipaq214-additional.tar.gz Post-build tweaks for the iPAQ 21x.
17-Aug-2008 [WWW]angstrom-x11-image-20080817.tar.gz Angstrom (much newer) built specifically for the iPAQ 21x

03-Aug-2008 [WWW]bootloader-image-v3.1-mmc-dbg-and-vdd-ctrl.bin Voltage control from MMC cards. Also lots of MMC debugging.
02-Aug-2008 [WWW]bootloader-image-v3.1.bin
02-Aug-2008 [WWW]Image-hpipaq214-3.1 USB Host support.
29-Jun-2008 [WWW]bootloader-image-v3-mmc-scr-fail MMC bootloader with SCR kernel
29-Jun-2008 [WWW]Image-hpipaq214-3-ignore-mmc-scr-fai Special kernel for MMC cards that report SCR failures. (later part of main versions)

22-Jun-2008 [WWW]default-v3.txt HaRET script for v3
22-Jun-2008 [WWW]bootloader-image-v3.bin New MMC bootloader (includes the v3 kernel).
20-Jun-2008 [WWW]angstrom-hpipaq214-3.tar.gz Changes to BT switch on/off in line with v3 kernel.
20-Jun-2008 [WWW]Image-hpipaq214-3 Kernel image - v3: Alsa audio, cleaned up BT power support. Better MFP configs, NAND Flash possible.

06-May-2008 [WWW]Image-hpipaq214-2 Kernel image - v2: Suspend/Resume now works.

31-Mar-2008 [WWW]angstrom-hpipaq214-1.tar.gz h5000 Angstrom distribution tweaked for iPAQ 21x
31-Mar-2008 [WWW]Image-hpipaq214-1 Kernel image - v1
31-Mar-2008 [WWW]default.txt The script for booting from HaRET
31-Mar-2008 [WWW]haret-hpipaq214.exe HaRET forced to recognise the iPAQ 214 as a PXA27x