HP iPAQ 210 / 214 - Hardware

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Technical overview

Processor Marvell PXA310 - XScale 3
RAM 256KB on-chip SRAM, 128MB DDR RAM on device
ROM 256MB Flash - Samsung k9f2g08UXA
Display LMS400CB01 640x480 16bpp
Wireless SDIO8686 WiFi
Bluetooth Broadcom BCM2045
Audio WM9713 Audio codec on PXA's AC97 bus
Touchscreen WM9713 Touchscreen codec on AC97
Buttons 10 Standard buttons on PXA keypad controller
I/O / Storage 1 MMC/SD and 1 CF Slot
USB Host/Client Uses a QL1A100 Quicklogic chip but also has a (possible unused) USB3319 USB2.0 ULPI transciever.
Battery The standard battery contains a DS276x Li+ monitor chip on a one-wire bus connection to battery middle pin.
Charging MAX 8677AE
Voltage Control MAXIM 8660E I2C Driven voltage controller
Other An annoyingly bright blue LED

There are some photos of the insides of my device here: [WWW]http://www.oliford.co.uk/hpipaq214/public/photos.

All the chip numbers in mine can be found here: [WWW]http://www.oliford.co.uk/hpipaq214/public/bibles/chips.txt.

24-pin connector

With some info from elsewhere and some info I've managed to work out from windows. The 24-pin connector on the bottom of the iPAQ 21x is used as follows:
Pin Name Description
1 DC_IN 5V DC / 2A Adapter input.
2 DC_IN Connect +ve to all 4 pins and -ve to mulitple ground pins!
5 USB_HOST_VBUS USB 2.0 Host connection to the USB3319 ULPI chip.
6 USB_HOST_D+ Supported as USB Host in MMC booted linux, maybe possible to config as OTG.
8 USB_GND Ground for USB host and OTG client connections.
9 USB_OTG_D+ USB 2.0 'On The Go' Connection to Quicklogic Chip. Used in windows as the USB device/client connection
10 USB_OTG_D- and connected to the standard USB cable for plugging the iPAQ into a USB Host.
11 USB_OTG_VBUS Not supported in linux.
13 GND System Ground
14 ID_READ "Accessory Identification: Connect GPI to ID_READ and GPO to ID_POWER." (whatever that means)
15 ID_POWER ??
16 AUDIO_GND Audio Head Set Connection Ground
17 AUDIO_L HeadSetAudioLeftOut
18 AUDIO_R HeadSetAudioRightOut
19 AUDIO_MIC HeadSetMicIn
20 GND System Ground
21 Reserved1 Reserved for future use – No Connect
22 Reserved2
23 Reserved3
24 GND System Ground