HP iPAQ 210 / 214 - Developers' Info

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How to help

Most information will be built up on the [WWW]Mailing List, check the archives first and then feel free to send an e-mail to the list and I or someone else will help.

There is also all my notes and workings here: [WWW]http://www.oliford.co.uk/hpipaq214/public/. I also have some 'private' data that I guess I can't hand out openly. E-mail the list if you are planning to help and I'll send you it.

Things to do

Kernel'ey/Low-level Things:



Testing/Other non-programming:


The source for the kernel is stored in my git tree. You can check it out by running:

 git clone http://www.oliford.co.uk/hpipaq214/ipaq214.git v4 

The standard config is in arch/arm/configs/hpipaq214_defconfig in the tree.

The entire Angstrom distribution source comes via OpenEmbedded. To compile for the iPAQ 21x you will need the following files:


File Description
[WWW]config-ipaq214-20080831 Kernel config including DC in/battery status
[WWW]config-ipaq214-v3.1 Kernel configuration for v3.1
[WWW]config-ipaq214-v2 Kernel configuration for v2
[WWW]ipaq214.conf Machine definition conf file
[WWW]linux-hpipaq214_2.6.25-v3.bb Kernel building recipe. Edit this to reflect your local kernel source path
[WWW]mmcBoot/* The MMC Bootloader recipe and source